13th Jun2019

Citadel Paints Available on Saturday!

by The Horde

Citadel Paints Available on Saturday!

Contrast is designed to be super simple to use. If you’ve ever wanted to tackle a hundreds-strong horde of Orks, a Hive Fleet’s worth of Tyranids or a skeletal horde that’d impress Nagash himself, but never thought you could get them all painted, Contrast is for you. If you’ve got a tournament in two weeks and just need to add the latest unit to your army, Contrast is for you. If you’re just looking to save some time and get gaming, Contrast is for you.

For you experienced painters, Contrast is a new weapon in your arsenal. It has distinctive properties and flow, both of which are unlike anything you’ve used before. On its own, it’s a great time saver – but combined with the rest of the Citadel paint range, it’s got incredible potential. Blending, glazes, and smooth gradients are easier to achieve than ever, and to help you experiment with this new paint, there is a new Contrast Medium which gives pros even more opportunities to play with this new paint’s unique properties. And with dozens of Contrast colors, the sky’s the limit.

Contrast is more than just a new paint though – it’s a whole new way to approach painting. For those after a Battle Ready finish, the Contrast Method has been devised to make awesome results easily attainable for absolutely anyone.

There are  over 30 different contrast paints, along with a rainbow of opportunity to paint your models easier.  There is also two new Citadel Color sprays that are designed to work with this new system as well.

Looks like it is a brave new hobby world out there folks, as, from first looks, it just got easier to paint your minis!  Contrast may change how everyone hobbies on Warhammer from beginner to veteran alike!

Click here for the Contrast  Video from Warhammer TV!

Our Thanks to SpikeyBits for the Contrast Paint news!


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