06th Jun2019

GameFor Board Gaming App

by The Horde
Gamefor – Tabletop Gaming App

GameFor helps you find tabletop gaming events, players, and stores in your area. Search local gaming events all in one place, without needing to keep track of different websites and social platforms. Post listings looking for people interested in playing specific games near you. Also find a comprehensive listing of stores in your area or anywhere you travel.

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Game Finder: Search for tabletop gaming events happening in your area, or check ahead in other areas if you’ll be traveling soon. Filter by distance and game type, read full descriptions of events, sign up for events, ask questions of the host, and chat with other people interested in the event.

Looking For Players: See listings of people in your area looking to find like-minded players for specific games, and reach out to them and start communicating. Or, post your own listings to meet people who like and want to play the same games you do.

Groups and Clubs: Game with your friends and people around you even easier with group and club support. Your local gaming groups can now use the app to stay connected and plan your next game event.

Store Finder: Find stores around you, or find nearby stores while you travel. Learn addresses, phone numbers, hours, descriptions, and upcoming events. Stores can get into the listing for free!

All tabletop game styles covered: board games, role-playing games, collectible card games, and miniature wargames are all covered in GameFor. Also, you can filter your searches by game styles to only see what style of games interest you.

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